Week 1 is done!


Hi everyone, so I just finished week 1 out of 3 of my pre-internship and I am already beat! I knew this was going to be a lot of work, but I didn’t realize that it would be so much. From the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed last week, I was either teaching, observing, or planning. Even when it was time to go to bed, I couldn’t get to sleep; I would just lay there thinking about what had happened that day, and then go through the next days lessons, making sure I remembered everything. It was horrible,I haven’t slept that poorly in so long! I am only going into my second week and I can already see how easy it would be to get teacher “burnout”. Don’t get me wrong, I am learning a lot, and I really do enjoy the kids, I just feel so worn out already, I am already catching myself thinking “Is this really what I want to do?” “Can I really handle all this work”? and “WHEN DOES IT GET BETTER”? We are always warned that the first year or two of teaching can be very stressful and time consuming,  but just how BAD is the first year or two? and does it really ever get better? 

Someone please enlighten me:) I would appreciate some tips on planning because I feel like it takes me way to long to do it!

Thanks everyone!




Tech Task #9


This week our tech task was to watch Brett Gaylor’s documentary about copyright and remix culture. The question I responded to was: Do you think you can argue creativity when it’s based on other people’s work?

This is what I have to say about it:   

Personally I think that a person can argue their creativity when it’s based on someone else’s work. For example, I think it’s fair to say that Girl Talk is a pretty creative artist- his songs (although taken from other artists) become like no other- I mean seriously how can anyone say his work isn’t creative? Even the way he makes music is creative- mash ups are something relatively new and he seems to have mastered it pretty well. I also think that just by taking other peoples music and throwing it in his own, he is exposing people to who maybe wouldn’t have listened to that particular song in the first place to go out and look for it (and even like it). For example, when I first heard the Girl Talk song with Lisa Loeb’s song, “Stay” in it, I had never heard her song before but I really liked the way it sounded so I looked her up and started listening to the original song.  

On the other side of this argument, I can kind of see why some artists might be against other people taking their original work and making something else out of it. I think if I had created a song, and someone else took it and made something else out of it and then became famous for that, I might feel like it was unfair. I still think a person can be creative with another person’s work, but I defiantly see the controversy around the argument.


Google Docs- took me a while but now I love it!


Responding to Madison Ferron’s blog on Google Docs.

When I was first introduced to Google Docs last year, I was a little iffy about it, I found it confusing and a little frustrating when there were 3 or more people working on it at the same time, however now that I have gotten  use to it I really enjoy it!

Google Docs would be great for students because it can be hard for them to meet up after school to work on assignments together- I know I would have loved using this when I was in school because I always had dancing so I either had to miss that or miss out on working with my group members. And yes it’s also great because you can track your students progress- check to make sure where students are on assignments, if everyone is contributing equally and so on! 

Even in University Google Docs has been great for me because I live in Moose Jaw, so it’s difficult for me to meet up with group members. It’s great because you can work on assignments together at the same time, just not in the same place! And like you mentioned before, the chat option is really cool, it is helpful because you can have conversations with your group members as you work on the assignment. 

What are your thoughts on Kony 2012?


Hi everyone, I just finished watching this video on Joseph Kony and the invisible children in Uganda. My co-op teacher is showing this video to her students next week and following it up with a discussion, she has asked me to prepare and deliver a two day lesson on either the video/discussion or on anything that relates to the theme ” A Sense of Purpose” (It’s an ELA B30 class)

I found the video to be inspiring, it really shows how powerful people can be when they come together to fight for whatever they believe in, it also shows how the media can be a helpful and very powerful tool to deliver messages all over the world. Right after watching this video I logged on to Facebook because I remembered seeing some links and comments on my news feed about Kony 2012- to my surprise most of what people had to say about this whole video and movement was negative (that there are ulterior motives for the video going viral- the deal for oil production in Uganda?)

I am wondering if any of you have any more articles/videos about this topic? (both positive and negative) Also any suggestions in which direction I could take for this being a topic of a possible lesson?

Check out the Kony 2012 video  as well as this post, “Invisible Children: We’ve got trouble”, written by Grant Oyston.

I am interested in hearing what you all think of this,

Thank you!




Responding to ” Burnout Beware” written by Madison Ferron


This is a very interesting article, I wonder how many people will use this type of testing to their advantage? I agree with you that it might feel a little strange getting tested for stress. Doesn’t a person know whether he or she is stressed without having to get tested? However, this type of testing may be beneficial  for us pre service teachers because we are often warned about how stressful the first few years of teaching are and how often teachers experience “teacher burnout”.  Teacher burnout is defiantly something I want to try and avoid,  I remember doing a lesson on it for ECS 300 in Ken’s class that explained different ways a teacher can conquer burnout. Here is a link to where I got some of my material.

Avoiding Teacher Burnout

Hope you enjoy!

The Cool Spot- an educational resource for students


Last week in one of my classes we were asked to prepare and teach an interdisciplinary lesson, I did my lesson on health and English (my major and minor). The topic of the lesson was peer pressure. As  I was looking for resources about peer pressure I found this neat website it’s called The Cool Spot, it explores how peer pressure effects different people, ways to spot peer pressure, and ways to respond or deal with it. There is even a peer pressure quiz that student’s can take. I think this is a good website for kids in grades 5-9, it’s student friendly, easy to use, and it has a lot of helpful information. I think that even if a teacher didn’t incorporate this website into a lesson, it would be a good website for students to have access to in case they had any questions or concerns regarding peer pressure. Check it out!

tech task #8


The Door Scene:

This weeks tech task was to make a short video through iMovie. The video featured my group member walking towards a door, hearing a scary sound and quickly trying to get into the building. I enjoyed making this video because it’s something I have never done before, I really liked iMovie, it was easier to use then I thought it would be. (I am not very familiar with using a mac or even making a video). I would defiantly like to work with this program a little more, I think it would be a good tool to use in the classroom.

Here is the video my group and I made, hope you enjoy!