Lately I have been hearing a lot about the vegetable Kale and how healthy it is, At first I didn’t even know what Kale looked like, so I did some quick research before I made a fool out of myself at the grocery store.

That’s the wonderful thing about the internet- you can have any question answered in a matter of seconds. So when I went to Google Images and typed in “Kale” I was able to see exactly what it looks like. I then looked up some different ways to cook kale and different recipes that included it. Since it was my first time cooking with it (or even tasting it) I wanted to try something a bit more simple. I found a recipe that looked good on the Food Network website.

Ingredients included: kale, olive oil, garlic, vegetable stock (or water), salt and pepper, and red wine vinegar.

I also searched for video’s on how to specifically cut  Kale, I found this one on YouTube, “How to Cut Kale”, it was helpful.

Here are the pictures I took of making Kale:


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