So my boyfriend loves bacon, haha yes absolutely loves it, so when he saw this recipe he begged me to try it. I will admit I like bacon, but I do try to stay away from it-  I actually refer to it as a heart attack waiting to happen, I mean there’s no way it can be good for you.

We found this recipe on pinterest, so it’s posted on my board, but here is the website it comes from- the recipe there shows green beans, but we changed it to asparagus.

The pictures look really good, but the final product actually wasn’t good at all. I had maybe two bites of it and that was all. I think what I will do next time is put it on the barbecue instead of in the oven. The texture wasn’t very crispy, it was really soggy and the taste wasn’t there either- yeah needless to say it went to waste that night.

Here are some pictures. (they may be deceiving)


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