I never thought that I would enjoy lasagna without meat in it, but this recipe was really good! Everything was so good about it, there are only a few ingredients but the taste is big!

At first I anticipated some major issues with this meal, especially in regards to rolling the lasagna noodles- I thought it was going to be a mess, and that the noodles would break, but it was relatively easy.

The only real issue I had while making this meal was trying to unthaw the spinach. The recipe calls for frozen, unthawed, drained spinach. I didn’t realize how long it took for spinach to unthaw, so I put it in the microwave, after the microwave the spinach was full of water and I couldn’t figure out how to drain it. I then turned to Google  and asked the question, “what is the best way to drain frozen spinach?” I got a few different responses. The first one I tried was using paper towel to absorb the water, however, I soon realized this was the worst idea! I would have easily went through a whole roll if I had kept doing it. Then on I went to community cooking  (a website I found through Google), and someone suggested draining the spinach in the same way a person would wring out laundry.

To check out the ingredients and how to make this dish check out Skinny Taste wesbite. It has tons of “healthier” option recipes, and they are not all super difficult either.

Here are some pictures of the rolls!


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