In my ECMP 355 class, we have been given the option to learn something new online and to blog and document our progress. I have decided to use the internet to my advantage and explore some different recipes, techniques on preparing food, and more healthier options to what I eat!

My cooking is very basic, I usually make the same meals that I grew up with and don’t experiment with to many different types of food. I want to incorporate healthy options as much as possible into this task because I really want to start eating healthier and something that is holding me back from that is a lack of cooking experience. However, with that being said, if I come across recipe’s that look really good, but aren’t so healthy, I am still going to try them out!

A few things I want to focus on are:

– different ways to prepare and cook a variety of vegetables

– preparing and cooking meat and poultry (something I have no experience with at all)

– Turkey Dinner

If anyone has some really good and healthy recipes or just some good tips in general I would love to hear about them!


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