Teaching Philosophy

Teachers are like gardeners- their goal is to cultivate the mind by nourishing, enhancing the climate, removing the weeds and other impediments, and then standing back and allowing growth to occur.

I believe that in order for students to learn, the classroom must be an environment in which every student feels safe and comfortable. The teacher is responsible for providing such a classroom to his or her students, he or she is also responsible in providing each student with the tools they need to succeed and learn to the best of their ability. By accommodating all learning styles/needs of the students the teacher gives all students an equal chance to learn. Teachers need to set the tone for learning and be there to guide their students as much as possible; however, the students should play the most active role in their learning.

I believe that school should help students become life-long learners and critical thinkers. I also believe that when school material becomes relevant to the students’ lives it becomes much more meaningful; students are able to make connections from what they learn in school to their own lives and take that knowledge into the “real” world. With that being said, I believe that it’s up to the teacher to provide the students with a holistic learning experience, one free of biases, where all students can see themselves reflected in the material being learnt.




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