Goal #1- Reaching each and every student

– this is a goal that I think a lot of teachers have, but it’s also a difficult one. I discovered this during pre-internship. In a perfect world yeah, we would all like to reach each of our students and have the answer to engaging all of them. I think that this is hard to achieve, but it’s not impossible. It’s also takes time and a lot of trial and error.

Some ways that helped me “almost” reach this goal was to really try and get to know my students. I consistently had conversations with my students about what types of things I could do to help them be engaged in learning. They also informed me about their strengths and weaknesses in relation to school and learning and I took this information into account when planning lessons. I also think it’s important to know where your students are coming from, so what is their background knowledge or experience with what is being taught, do they agree with it or not? why? and how can I make it relevant to their lives outside of the classroom? These questions are sometimes hard to answer but I feel that they brought me closer to meeting the learning needs of my students and making what was being learned more relevant.

Goal #2 Making a positive change in teenagers health by encouraging them to think critically about what health is and what it means to them.

Although I didn’t teach Health in my pre-internship, I was able to incorporate it into Social Studies and I tried to talk about it and discuss it with my students as much as possible. I didn’t really believe this before pre-internship but now I understand that health can really be applied to any subject and area of study, and I am going to make this a new goal of mine- because I believe that health is not being covered enough as it needs to be,  I am going to always try to incorporate it into other area’s of study so that it becomes natural for students to start thinking about it and questioning exactly what it  means.

Goal #3 Teaching for social justice, focusing on inclusion and anti-oppression

I feel that this goal, was easier for me to reach than I had originally thought it would be.  I feel that this came naturally to me as a result of all my schooling. I realize how what I have learned in University has actually shaped who I am and my thoughts and beliefs about the importance of anti-oppression in schools. This is something I was always striving for in the classroom, and will defiantly continue working on in internship, and the years to come.


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