Reflection on Micro Teach Lesson

                My lesson was for ELA B10 and focused on discrimination, I feel it went really well.  I intended for a lot of small group discussion since the instructional focus was on Cooperative Learning Models: Improving Student Learning Using Small Groups. I think that the group discussion went well, but since there were only 5 learners, we only had one small group instead of a few. I think that by having more groups, students would have been able to have richer discussions about the video.  I really wanted the students to broaden their understanding and definition of discrimination and how it affects everyone in society and I feel I was able to achieve this by guiding them through the discussion. I feel that the purpose of this lesson was attainable through the instructional model because it allowed students to discuss and share prior knowledge and any thoughts or ideas they had about discrimination.  In order to make this lesson more meaningful to my students I would encourage them to reflect on their own biases and how society has shaped their ideas and beliefs about other groups of people.  I think I would also give students discussion prompts just to make sure that their discussions stayed on the topic of discrimination and helped guide those who were having trouble coming up with something to talk about.


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