ELA B10 – Discrimination Unit

Introduction to what discrimination is, what it looks like, and what it means to different people

We are going to start the unit off by watching a video. As you watch the video I want you to think about what the video is about, how the people in it feel, how the video makes you feel and what the message of the video is. How does the author tell the story without the use of words?

After video- get into small groups of 3 discuss their responses to the video

  1. What the video is about? What’s the message?
  2. How it makes you feel?
  3. How the people in the video feel?
  4. How does the author tell the story without the use of words?

Students will have 3 minutes to discuss these questions and to come up with a conclusion of what the message in the video is – they will share this with the rest of the class. (each group will have a presenter- decided amongst the members of each group)

Encourage class discussion

Next, each group will brainstorm reasons as to why they think the man and woman have developed a stereotype of the teenage boy. Has society shaped their views? If so how?

Once again, each group will share their ideas (a new group member will share this time)

In the same groups have students come up with a list of all the reasons a person or a group of people may face discrimination or in other words why someone might discriminate against someone. Remind students that the boy in the Silent Beats video was discriminated against because of his skin colour, so they already have one example from the last activity that they can add to their lists.

Each table will then share at least 5 reasons with the rest of the class

Outcomes: CR B10.1, CR B10.2, and CR B10.3

Assessment : How are students responding to the topic of discrimination? Do students realize that discrimination goes beyond skin color? What is their previous knowledge on discrimination? Do students seem oblivious to its existence or relevance?


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