Have you heard of Wab Kinew? If not check him out, he is in inspiration person espeically in regards to the Aboriginal Culture. My ECS 35o instructor showed us one of his videos, “Strombo: Soap Box” and I really liked it. His message to people about First Nations people is really insightful, there is a presence about him that no one can deny! I will defiantly be showing my future students this video, and his work.

Scholarly Articles:

Rick Wormeli “Busting Myths about Differentiated Instruction

This article explores many of the myths that people have regarding differentiated instruction.  Wormeli challenges these myths by explaining how differentiated instruction works and how it benefits each student by giving them the greatest opportunity to succeed in school.

Cara Zurzolo“Where Does Policy Come From?

The article explains a study conducted on teachers who felt very strongly about teaching for social justice and therefore by including Aboriginal perspectives, but who felt they had little support or confidence in approaching such a thing, even though it was required of them.

Stop and Think: Addressing Social Injustices 

Spiritual Wellness, Holistic Health, and the Practice of Health Education 

A book to help understand the treaty essential learning’s is: Treaty Essential Learnings: We are all Treaty People- office of the Treaty Commissioner



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