Hello! I am writing this letter to introduce myself to you, my cooperating teacher, for my internship semester. My name is Courtney Staples, I was born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and attended high school at Peacock. I am currently enrolled in my final year of my B.Ed. degree at the University of Regina; my major is health and minor English.  I have developed a great passion for both health and English and I look forward to applying both my passion and my knowledge into a classroom setting. I am also interested in health promotion and how I as a teacher can provide my students, school, and community with the tools they need in order to have a healthy lifestyle and future.

I have gained some experience working with young people by assisting and helping to teach dance classes. Through this experience I have developed leadership skills that I feel are necessary in order to effectively run a classroom. I have also volunteered at Hope’s Home, where I worked with medically fragile children of all ages.  Being able to work so closely with children with a variety of medical issues and disabilities has been challenging, but also very gratifying.  I feel that both these experiences have provided me with skills and abilities that will help me in my teaching career.

Thank you for agreeing to take an intern this fall.  I look forward to working and learning with you and your students. I feel that I have a lot to offer your classroom; I have a willingness to learn and I am determined to make this a positive learning experience for myself, and also for you and the students. I am excited to be a part of both your classroom and school communities. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you.

Courtney Staples


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