As we saw in the information packages provided when working on this case, there are a lot of different learning styles and needs of the students. Something I realized during my pre-internship is just how challenging it is to accommodate all the learning needs of each student- not that it’s impossible, it’s just a challenge. The way I learned to overcome this issue in pre-internship was to provide my students with a lot of options to the ways they could present their learning and be assessed.

I think that when you give students different options, it becomes more fair. For example, one of my students had difficulties articulating  his thoughts on paper, also his printing was very hard to read, so when students were writing, I would take him to the back of the class and allow him to explain orally what his thoughts and ideas were to the work sheet. He was a very bright student and understood concepts really well, but had I not let him present this orally, he probably would have done quite poorly on the work sheets.

As for confronting racism in schools, I think that it is extremely important that when a teacher sees what looks like racism or discrimination of any kind for that matter, he or she deal with it immediately. I also think its important not to yell at or single out a kid for saying a racist word or phrase- the reason I think this is because there is really no lesson involved when you basically shut up a kid. He or she has these thoughts or attitudes for a reason and I think it’s a great learning experience to ask him or her why they said that or where they may have heard it from. Challenge students beliefs, ask them what has shaped their idea’s about other cultures and that’s when learning and reflection actually happens. To many times racism becomes a “touchy” and avoidable topic and I think this is where a lot of the harm comes from. We need to teach our students to examine these things- not act like they don’t exist.


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