ECMP 355 Final Project: Learning how to Cook


As some of you may already know, my final project for ECMP 355 was learning how to cook. Since I have been living on my own I’ve noticed how hard it is to “think outside the box” and cook for myself. Toast was becoming a typical week night meal for me and I really needed to get out of that habit. As I mention in the description of my project, I usually just cooked recipes that I grew up with and had a really hard time exploring other options, I also had no experience what so ever with cooking meat or poultry.

So for this project, I started cooking! I cooked a wide variety of things- some turned out really well, others not to well. I learned about and cooked some different types of foods such as; kale, asparagus, avocado, and green beans. I also learned how to make some different recipes with moose meat, and chicken.

The last kind of “finale” for this project was preparing and cooking an Easter – Turkey supper. It was really fun, the bonding time I got to share with family was also great- and now I can officially say that I can cook a turkey.

I feel that this opportunity allowed and encouraged me to spend some time on something I have been wanting to do for a long time now. Sometimes it really sucked when things wouldn’t turn out well, or when things I thought would taste awesome, was disgusting. But overall, I really enjoyed it and I think that was a really practical learning experience. (I know my family and boyfriend loved it).

My descriptions, reflections, and pictures are all on my Learning how to cook: Exploring healthier options along with thinking “outside the box” page. Make sure that you don’t forget to click on each page because there are lots of parent pages:)



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