ECMP 355 summary of learning assignment


Hi everyone, check out the video I made for my summary of learning assignment. I made the video through Cam Studio- it’s a screen recording soft ware, then I recorded my voice in Camtasia and mapped the audio onto the  video.

Before this class the only technology tools I ever used were Facebook, email, YouTube, and Google, this class has opened my eyes to how many online tools there really is, and how beneficial and valuable they can be when implemented in the classroom. Although, I am still not super confident with using technology, I have defiantly stepped out of my “shell” so to speak. I am a lot more willing to experiment with different online tools and I find them really enjoyable to learn about.

The assignments in this class pushed me to do things that I may have otherwise never have done. For example, if I had the choice between writing a paper or making a video on Imovie, I probably would have picked the paper because that was what I was comfortable doing, however, since we had to make the movie, I had to try it out and I found out that I actually enjoyed it!

Also, as I mention in my summary of learning video, one of the most important things that I took out of this class was not only just how to use technology in the classroom, but more importantly why it should be seen as something essential and valuable. Before the class, I believed that technology was probably important but I didn’t really know why, where as now, I feel that Alec has really convinced me of it’s importance because it is SO relevant to our everyday lives- it only makes sense that we have students using the tools that make our world what it is.

I feel that I was able to contribute to other peoples learning mostly by reading other blogs and commenting when I could. I really appreciated having others comment and respond to questions I had in my blog so I understand how important it is to comment on others. I also feel that I helped others out by sharing resources and idea’s especially related to education. If you read through my posts you can see conversations that I had with other people  and I also have posts that say “responding to”- which are comments that I made on a person’s blog, but also posted it to my own.

Links to where and when I shared resources in my blog include:  Looking for an education resource on the media?,  What are your thoughts on Kony 2012? , Spring is here!, Responding to “Burnout Beware” , The school spot- an educational resource for students, Unschooling- What does this mean?,  and Start Recycling! 


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