Spring is here!


Isn’t it funny how big of a role the weather can play on a person’s attitude and outlook on life? All this nice weather has me feeling optimistic and excited for the summer. 

I just moved into a new house this winter and I cannot wait to work in the yard this summer! There is a huge garden in the back, and I am planning to plant a few vegetables in it. I am also planning on filling the front and back yard with tons of flowers and plants. (I love flowers and plants!) Actually one of my dreams has always been to own my own green house. 

Since it’s my first time planting my very own garden I have been trying to read about different tips for a successful garden (what vegetables to plant, what they need) I also want to try planting a few different herbs. These are two helpful websites that I found: The California Garden Web and Gardening 101

I am also wanting to plant a tree in the front yard, does anyone have any good ideas for a tree that isn’t a lot of maintenance? And not a spruce tree!

Please feel free to share any tips you have on gardening- vegetables, herbs, plants, and flowers! I look forward to hearing from you all!


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  1. One thing I can tell you about planting trees in front of your house is: plant it as far away as possible, otherwise in 10 years the roots will start penetrating your basement. We were looking for a house last year and an engineer told us that a tree near to a house is a very bad news and not to buy one, unless it’s an evergreen.

    We used to have fruit trees back in Poland and they need quite a bit of effort, especially after all the fruits are there. Plus it’s like inviting neighbours to visit your plot 😀 But that’s one thing you can think of – what other than leaves does your future tree have that may be falling or shedding sticky stuff etc.

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