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This week we were asked to look at a few different opportunities for online classes and learning online. I am taking an online class this spring/summer and I am actually a bit nervous for it- I like to talk to people in person and ask lots of questions and I am not sure if I have enough self- discipline to make sure I am getting my work done. So far, I can tell there are good and bad things about online classes, here are some of my ideas:
Negative things:
– lack of personal/ physical communication
– may be hard to do group work
– takes a lot of self- discipline to make sure reading is done
– The class I am taking has weekly quizzes that are taken on the phone- I am not to sure what this will be like.

Positive things:
– Work on your own time
– Can work from home. (this is especially a bonus for me- I am taking this online course so I don’t have to drive in to Regina from Moose Jaw every Tuesday and Thursday.
-It’s good to have some experience with online learning
– I also think it will help me become more sympathetic/ understanding if I am ever teaching online.


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  1. I agree that there are pros and cons to online classes. I do think there is an advantage to working on your own time (as long as you can get the work done!). I also think its a great experience as a student in the digital age.

  2. I actually taught classes online for my college after I transferred to Canada. It was a great experience and most of my students liked it (or so they were saying). I guess a lot depends on your teacher. I used to give a lot of prompts to my students about deadlines. There are also settings in your moodle account so that you get forum posts, emails etc. once a day or once a week, to keep track of what is going on and push yourself to be a part of that process.
    When it comes to group work, I think it is pretty easy without face-to-face interaction, as long as all the people involved are actually doing their part and are communicating. If they are not, then the teacher should be intervening. In some aspects I find group work onine much easier than face-to-face interaction. You usually have to be very specific on who does what and why and when, so it is much more structured, in my opinion, than group work in the classroom. You also have more time to decide on what you want to do etc., you don’t have to take a decision immediately in the classroom, so it allows the incubation period.
    Plus, I think that online classes are sometimes easier to handle – 15minutes per day spent online or on a project or reading will be enough during the week. It’s all about how you plan your day and weeks 🙂
    Good luck and hopefully have fun!

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