Google Docs- took me a while but now I love it!


Responding to Madison Ferron’s blog on Google Docs.

When I was first introduced to Google Docs last year, I was a little iffy about it, I found it confusing and a little frustrating when there were 3 or more people working on it at the same time, however now that I have gotten  use to it I really enjoy it!

Google Docs would be great for students because it can be hard for them to meet up after school to work on assignments together- I know I would have loved using this when I was in school because I always had dancing so I either had to miss that or miss out on working with my group members. And yes it’s also great because you can track your students progress- check to make sure where students are on assignments, if everyone is contributing equally and so on! 

Even in University Google Docs has been great for me because I live in Moose Jaw, so it’s difficult for me to meet up with group members. It’s great because you can work on assignments together at the same time, just not in the same place! And like you mentioned before, the chat option is really cool, it is helpful because you can have conversations with your group members as you work on the assignment. 


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