What are your thoughts on Kony 2012?


Hi everyone, I just finished watching this video on Joseph Kony and the invisible children in Uganda. My co-op teacher is showing this video to her students next week and following it up with a discussion, she has asked me to prepare and deliver a two day lesson on either the video/discussion or on anything that relates to the theme ” A Sense of Purpose” (It’s an ELA B30 class)

I found the video to be inspiring, it really shows how powerful people can be when they come together to fight for whatever they believe in, it also shows how the media can be a helpful and very powerful tool to deliver messages all over the world. Right after watching this video I logged on to Facebook because I remembered seeing some links and comments on my news feed about Kony 2012- to my surprise most of what people had to say about this whole video and movement was negative (that there are ulterior motives for the video going viral- the deal for oil production in Uganda?)

I am wondering if any of you have any more articles/videos about this topic? (both positive and negative) Also any suggestions in which direction I could take for this being a topic of a possible lesson?

Check out the Kony 2012 video  as well as this post, “Invisible Children: We’ve got trouble”, written by Grant Oyston.

I am interested in hearing what you all think of this,

Thank you!





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