Responding to ” Burnout Beware” written by Madison Ferron


This is a very interesting article, I wonder how many people will use this type of testing to their advantage? I agree with you that it might feel a little strange getting tested for stress. Doesn’t a person know whether he or she is stressed without having to get tested? However, this type of testing may be beneficial  for us pre service teachers because we are often warned about how stressful the first few years of teaching are and how often teachers experience “teacher burnout”.  Teacher burnout is defiantly something I want to try and avoid,  I remember doing a lesson on it for ECS 300 in Ken’s class that explained different ways a teacher can conquer burnout. Here is a link to where I got some of my material.

Avoiding Teacher Burnout

Hope you enjoy!


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    • Yeah me too- this is something I worry about already. I just had my first two days of orientation for pre-internship and I am already stressing!
      My friend who is also a teacher told me that whenever she feels stressed and starts to come close to “teacher burn out” she just sits back and remembers why she became a teacher- for the kids, and then starts planning from the perspective of a kid (whatever grade she is teaching). She says this helps her- but who knows! Sometimes I think it’s inevitable for teachers to become stressed, there are just so many things you have to think about!

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