Toddlers and Tiara’s??


TLC’s show Toddlers and Tiara’s has me cringing, it’s horrible what some of these mothers put their little girls through. I know that there not all bad and I understand a lot of people really like paegants- I am sure there has to be something good about them? However, I think they are setting little girls up to believe that being pretty will get you rewards in life. They actually give out titles for most prettiest, imagine being 5 years old and never winning that award? How do you explain that one to your little girl? Not to mention the different ways some of these moms try to get their kids awake and “peppy” for the stage- energy drinks and sugar sticks? How about a decent bedtime and some fruits and vegetables?


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  1. I suppose that they are being prepared for what the real life is in our world, I’m afraid. Unfortunately, media tell us that good looks is the only value of a woman. See music videos and commercials for details…

  2. I agree, Courtney. What some of these toddlers go through is just crazy! Yes, sure, some of them want to be there, but for many it is the mothers making them be there. The extent some of them would go to to win is just nuts!

  3. Every girl likes to look pretty and have people look at them, it is just human nature to feel wanted. So on one hand I feel like it is good for children because they are doing something that they love to do and building up self confidence (please dont hate me for giving the show and lifestyle a plus side)! And really the truth is, beauty does get you pretty far in the this world – sad, but very true. But on the other hand I understand where everyone is coming from! Some parents are nut cases when it comes to this stuff. And about the winning of the awards I think that it also has benefits. When I was young I never won anything at sports or other things. It taught me how to fail but still have a love for things. Now my family bugs me because I go in competitions to have fun – not to win, and I think that is a pretty good quality of mine!

    • Thanks for the comment Tayler!
      I agree that it is important to teach kids the value of a fun competition and how to lose with your head still high, however, I think that for the most part putting your child in a competition only based on looks can be far more damaging on their self esteem then it is on building it. I suppose, there is a “talent” section on this TV show, but if you’ve seen it I’m sure you can agree that it doesn’t put much of an emphasis on what these little girls (and boys) can do for a talent- but more on what their talent costume looks like.
      I have never participated in or even been to a beauty pageant so I have to admit I am only basing my knowledge and views off of what is portrayed on the TLC show, but if pretty is what gets a person far in this world, this type of “competition” is only re enforcing this sad idealism. I think that these parents should be teaching their children to challenge the notion that being beautiful will get you further in life and start showing them what is really important in a person. It’s horrible that at such a young age girls are taught that they need to look beautiful to win a prize, it’s no wonder there is such a distorted idea of what beauty is today.

  4. I believe a young girl should not be wearing so much make-up and fake hair! The dresses are fine because as a child it is fun dress up. I believe a young girl should not be exposed to fake eyelashed, fake hair, and all the fake things. I think the pagents would be great if they just toned everthing down, and get rid of all the fake things. I can not believe that young girls are wearing fake teeth!

    • I know, especially because kids are so cute when they have missing teeth! The biggest thing that gets me is the spray tans- that just seems ridiculous to me- once again it’s teaching young girls that they need to change their natural appearance to be more “beautiful”.
      Thanks for the comment!

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