Have you seen this yet?


Responding to “The media’s manipulative influence over your morals” by Jennifer Siebel Newsom

I watched this video the other day and I think the message it provides is important to pass along.

It wasn’t until I was in University that I really started looking at the media and how it shapes our ideas and beliefs about the roles of women and men and how each should look and behave. When I look back at myself as a young teenager and even a young adult I realize that I fell victim to the media and the false messages it portrays, I never thought twice about how unrealistic the girls in magazines looked, all I knew was that they were beautiful and glamorous. It’s actually sad when you think about how much the media has shaped our views on what “beautiful” is, the “beautiful “we see in magazines and in movies is unachievable and it’s not real, yet, so many people (even myself) strive to look this way because it’s what we have been told matters.

Although I believe the media has been making some changes, especially through products such as Dove, (watch this ) I still think we have a long way before women in the media are portrayed as realistic, natural, and smart.


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