Start Recycling!


I just finished reading this article about 50 things you can recycle! I thought it was fun,some of the things listed here I would never have thought to recycle before.

There are several things a person can do to become environmentally friendly. Some people change every aspect of their lives to live a greener lifestyle; they may eat organically, use organic care products, and clean with 100% natural items. Others simply chose to follow the 3 R’s: reuse, reduce and, recycle. There are also those people who chose not to take any action in making earth a healthy place. Some people chose not to do anything because they either don’t know how to incorporate a green lifestyle into their own or because they don’t think that their actions can make a difference. Many people believe that becoming environmentally friendly is hard and time consuming, however, there are several small things a person can do to help the environment. Recycling is a great start to becoming environmentally friendly. Recycling is easier than most people think; it only takes a few important steps for a person or family to play their part in keeping paper, cans, bottles, and other recyclable items out of landfills. Although recycling may seem like a small action, it can actually make a huge difference on the whole spectrum of saving the environment.

Recycling options vary depending where you live so first check out what your community or city offers as a recycling program. Visit for recycling information in your city. Some cities provide communities with recycling pick up services that work the same way as garbage pickup. However, this service is not very common in most provinces. Most cities have drop-off locations, where people can take their recyclables, these locations are often restricted to only paper, plastic, cardboard, glass, and aluminum, but that doesn’t mean that you have to restrict your recycling to these few categories!

I think it’s important that everyone start recycling, it’s a small action that can make a huge difference!


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    • Thanks for the comment Janelle!
      I finally have my own garden now, so I am looking forward to using it this summer! I have never planted and brought up vegetables on my own so I have been reading a few books on how to become a successful gardener- hopefully they help.

      I agree that going green needs to be a community process, this is something we as teachers can promote to our students, schools, and communities. It would make an interesting and very valuable inquiry project.

      Even though it’s hard for you to find the time to take your recyclables to drop off locations, it’s better that they are at home “waiting” to be recycled, rather than, in the landfill. If you have clothing, shoes, accessories, house hold items, toys, or books that you are looking to throw away you can call your local Salvation Army store, sometimes they will come pick these items up for you. You can also recycle any old electronic items you have the next time you go to the mall– usually cell phone companies and electronic stores will take old items and recycle them. (I am not sure if any stores do in Regina?)

      Don’t you think it would be an interesting challenge to try and keep our classrooms as green as possible? I think that adolescents would really enjoy and benefit from a classroom that practices a greener lifestyle.

      • How do you feel about organizations not accepting clothes or blankets due to the possibility of bed bugs? I know through experience with working for an organization that needed to update their policy it was because they were a non profit organization and they didn’t have the tools or $ to clean the clothes/blankets properly. It is sad however it allows accountability for the organizations and also safety for the families. I’m interested to hear your thoughts!

      • Sorry it took me so long to get back to you Janelle!
        I think that in this case, there is just nothing an organization can do about the “bed bug problem”, It’s defiantly for the better that they temporarily don’t accept clothing or blankets. However, in the meantime I would suggest handing down your clothing to friends or family or even having a clothing exchange with friends– one persons trash is another’s treasure. 🙂

    • I also love The Lorax!, It’s an excellent resource and it can work for any age group. I actually made a lesson for an English B10 class using The Lorax and how it relates to equity and discrimination. I paralleled the book with the video, Mine: Story of a Sacred Mountain.
      The Lorax project is a really neat site, I didn’t even know it existed, thanks!

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