Responding to My Happy Place written by Mary Alice.

Reading about Hannah, made me think of my friend Kristin’s dog Molly.  She is also a golden retriever and she shares a lot of the same traits that you described for Hannah.  Molly died a little over a year ago from cancer it was a sudden and very sad death. Kristin and Molly’s relationship made me appreciate the part a pet dog can play in a person’s life.  Molly’s personality was very kind and calm which made it very easy and enjoyable for her to be around us.

Two summers ago a bunch of us girls went out to Regina Beach to stay at a friend’s cabin, Molly tagged along. As the day progressed we started to notice how well Molly fit in with us, we found it funny because it was as if she was just another girlfriend.  Kristin would pretend to be Molly and speak in this voice that we called “Molly’s voice”, she would respond to us and join in on the conversation, soon it became a running joke that Molly could verbally interact with us. Even though the verbal communication was a joke, the non-verbal communication wasn’t. When we would be sitting in a circle talking, Molly would come over, sit down, and listen to what we were saying, it was as if she could understand every word we said.  The connection we all shared with Molly that weekend really shows how a dog shows feelings towards not only his or her family but to those around them to, unlike the majority of people, dogs will become your best friend in a matter of minutes and will enjoy every second they spend with you.


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