Hi, my name is Courtney, I am in my third year of Secondary Education with a major in health and a minor in English– I find both of these subjects to be very interesting and enjoy studying them very much. I also enjoy reading, practicing yoga, running, travelling, and cooking. I was born in Moose Jaw SK and lived there for most of my life– I also lived in Edmonton AB for two years, where I went to the University of Grant MacEwan.

As far as technology goes I don’t have a lot of experience with it. I have a Facebook account and use email, I also frequently use Google to find out  answers to any quick questions I have through out the day. I am looking forward to gaining some knowledge with computers and how I can utilize technology into the classroom.

Although I feel a little nervous about using computing technology in the classroom, I am also convinced that it has become a necessity. I think it’s important that students are taught about and exposed to technology in order to learn how to use it appropriately and to their advantage. Technology allows people to connect with others all over the world and to experience things that they normally may not have the opportunity to do so. With that being said I feel technology is really beneficial for students because it allows them access to a broader sense of the world, they are able to converse and connect with people, allowing them to learn from others outside from the classroom, school, and even community that they belong to.

Through this class I hope to gain more confidence in working with technology, I hope to learn how I can incorporate technologies such as Youtube and blogging into my classroom in a way that is meaningful and helpful to my students.



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